The conviction that entrepreneurship creates jobs and produces economic growth has become deeply entrenched in the economic development strategies and programs of Jacksboro and our region. To a great extent our policies and programs facilitate and foster venture creation and early venture growth, increasing an entrepreneurship ecosystem. Evidence of this activity is seen in the start-up encouragement programs in Texas. But entrepreneurship-base growth doesn’t necessarily require new firms. Instead of only scaling up businesses, we also work with existing businesses. We help our businesses identify what they need. Then we begin the search for those pieces of the puzzle. We focus on an area of comparative advantage and new ways of working together. We make every effort to link innovation capacity and entrepreneurial capacity.

An entrepreneurial ecosystem is the interaction of all elements that sustain a system in which increasing numbers of companies grow faster. For example, Jacksboro has recently become home to a company whose mission is to train all First Responders how to address a threat on human life, in order to limit casualties of emergency personnel and the citizens they serve and protect. The Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation is currently working with two other companies that manufacture products useful in this training facility. This is a win/win for our existing business, perpetuating growth for them and new business opportunities for their contractors and clients. We saw opportunity in an area that was not previously represented in our region and worked diligently to locate them in Jacksboro, creating an entirely new ecosystem with growth potential. This entity has both a for-profit arm and a nonprofit, fundraising component to their business plan. The initial contacts made with their vendors and contributors have resulted in multiple possibilities for new businesses to locate or move here.

Business park

Jacksboro has long been home to a variety of energy companies, including wind, gas, and oil. Oilfield supplies and services actually make up the bulk of the businesses operating in our area for many, many years. This organic cluster of energy companies makes recruiting companies manufacturing parts for this industry a must. Small tools for fracking, plugs, parts, fishing tools, etc. and all manner of small parts for wind turbines are on our radar for potential relocation to Jacksboro. This growth ecosystem has the potential to also foster logistics facilities for shipping products all over the world.

We have the available land for construction, the workforce, the schools, a new hospital, a new housing development with infrastructure in place and homes under construction, an excellent quality of life, and the desire to work with companies to join our successful ecosystem. Add Jacksboro’s proximity to the metroplex, and you have a winning combination for growing companies and a growing community.