The April 2018 issue of FDI Alliance International featured a story about the continued tenacity of little Huntington County, Indiana, USA, a Community in Northeast Indiana, with a population of 35,000. The County and its seat of government, the City of Huntington, are both named for a signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and former president of the U.S. Continental Congress, Samuel Huntington

Huntington – the location – shares many of the traits which historically had defined Huntington – the man. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Huntington was a jurist, statesman, Patriot, delegate to and later president of the Continental Congress, he signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. He served as the chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court and was the 18th governor of Connecticut.

It’s logical to believe that such a distinguished career could not have been possible without managing through both good times and bad. He was engaged in the leadership of the world around him, yet not in a flamboyant nor glamorous way. In fact, the Wikipedia entry notes that Mr. Huntington’s steady hard work and unfailing calm manner earned him the respect of his fellow delegates.

Throughout the years, Huntington – the location – has contributed very significantly to the betterment of society. Huntington’s former/late U.S. Congressman J. Edward Roush nearly single-handedly created the Nation’s 9-1-1 Emergency Response System. Huntington is the hometown of former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle.

Huntington Aluminum

Huntington’s contributions to the history of the sports world are also significant, being the home of former ABC Sports Broadcasting legend Chris Schenkel. Currently, young E.J. Tackett of Huntington is among the best bowlers in the world having won several championship tournaments sponsored by the Professional Bowlers Association.

Steady hard work and unfailing calm manners defined many of those legends and continues to define the economic development efforts in Huntington County, Indiana. The April issue of this magazine used the title, “Getting it Done” when describing the success of Huntington County’s economic development team. And foreign direct investments have appreciated these “Huntington traits” as well.

The State of Indiana recently announced the addition of Italy’s Golfo di Napoli company to the list of FDI projects in Huntington. The company plans to develop a $9.5 million facility, creating 35 new jobs on a development site in southern Huntington County.

The location had long been a dream of the local planning community, however, it took a collaboration of local, County and State efforts to designate the location as an Indiana PRIME Certified Site. That designation drew the attention of the development world to the potential possibilities for the location.

“The project was announced almost exactly one year after Indiana’s Lt. Governor, Suzanne Crouch, came to Huntington County to announce the site as ready for development,” said Mark Wickersham, executive director of the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation.

Golfo di Napoli joins other FDI investors such as, Brazil’s Gerdau Steel Corporation, Canadian-based Onward Manufacturing Company, French-based Schneider Corporation, German-based Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, and Japanese-based Continental Structural Plastics a division of Tejin, and Helena Chemical Company a division of Marubeni.

“The list of FDI projects in Huntington County is impressive, especially for a small market like ours,” added Wickersham, who is completing his 11th year as the executive director for the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation. “We’ve taken our lumps too as most of the world has heard about the transition of manufacturing from the local UTEC plant, however, the world really hasn’t heard about the growth in UTEC’s local engineering team. It’s very impressive,” he remarked.

Huntington Aluminum

The industrial projects in Huntington County are complimented by numerous community quality of life development projects in 2018. Airport expansion, downtown revitalization projects, vocational education efforts, park enhancements, and the completion of recent transportation corridor projects like the $30 million connector from U.S. 24 to I-69, the $5.2 million Etna Avenue corridor project in the City of Huntington and the opening of the $1.7 million Archbishop Noll Parkway on Huntington’s east gateway corridor, and miles of new multi-use trails, demonstrate a quiet tenacity in this County which very simply sums up why the title of the April article was “Getting It Done.” It’s evidence of how hard work rooted in quiet tenacity, continues to produce impressive results in Huntington County, Indiana, USA.