The City of Dayton, is a small town with a big future. Located just 30 miles east of the larger Houston’s metropolitan area on Highway 90, Dayton is the fastest-growing city in southeast Texas. This friendly community is a great place to live, work, and play- a place where families and businesses can grow and prosper.

Historically, rice production, cattle ranching, and oil, had shaped the economy of Dayton, and while these industries are still integral to its economic well-being, job opportunities are expanding to include employment in industries such as metal fabrication, chemical refining, rail uses, and numerous types of retail, which have become major employers for the community. Organizations such as the Dayton Community Development Corporation (DCDC) and the Dayton Chamber of Commerce were created by the City to assist the development and expansion of new and existing businesses. These organizations are committed and eager to support business development within the community.

Maps with ports & Railway Expansion
The existing infrastructure of five highways intersecting downtown, State Route 99 (the third loop around Houston under construction through Dayton), Gulf Inland Logistics Park (a dual rail served park of 1500 acres), abundant water and sewer capacity, fiber optics, natural gas, underground pipelines (that industries use as feed stock for their products), 30 minutes from two international airports, quality low cost land, and 30 minutes from the Port of Houston makes the City uniquely positioned as a leading competitor in the global market for businesses that will create well-paying jobs, drive economic growth, and enhance the quality of life in Dayton.

The City of Dayton has a strong leadership team that works closely together to lead Dayton into a bright future. From planning and developing, to public works and municipalities, these fearless leaders are coming together with a common goal to serve our customers - the public. The passion and diligence that these individuals are bringing to their work is creative, innovative, inclusive, and leading the community towards a higher quality of life.

From its history to its future, there is an unparalleled sense of pride felt within the community. In these times of change, the City of Dayton is now more community-oriented than ever. The City is encouraging and facilitating public engagement to get the people involved in shaping their future. Development plans such as creating more parks, programs for children, and a Downtown District are all efforts to bring a diverse community together and build strong relationships.

Maps with ports & Railway Expansion

Preserving Dayton’s sense of community is vital, but this small town is evolving to make room for the big city amenities. It is possible to have the best of both worlds, and the City of Dayton is on its way to turning this vision of a diverse and prosperous community into a reality. We are already seeing the remarkable progress the City is making in attracting industrial developments and housing (currently 29,000 homes in various stages of development), and this is only the beginning. While it continues to honor its past, a bright future lies ahead for Dayton and it is stepping up to accommodate new growth and development.