Seymour in Your Future.

City of Seymour, Texas


Located in North Central Texas, Seymour is perfectly situated to be your prime business location destination poised to meet your shipping/receiving, logistical, transportation and warehouse distribution needs. Seymour is a primary hub with a network of five major highways converging on Seymour’s roadway system, allowing your product to connect with your customers quickly and efficiently. The Texas Department of Transportation has invested heavily in the regions infrastructure by making significant improvements from both a safety and efficiency perspective, clearly indicating that the State of Texas as a whole sees significant value in Seymour. Within easy reach of Seymour’s 600 mile radius, your business can access nine other states and Mexico in a single transportation day. Additionally, during peak periods when traffic congestion can negatively impact shipping efficiency, Seymour boasts a manageable Average Daily Traffic Count which will ensure your product will be moved expeditiously and safely. Seymour is ready for you to make us your new business location with land incentives in the Seymour Industrial Park, conveniently located within city limits and with frontage road options along US HWY 277 as well.

Efficient Transportation

Five major highways are located conveniently in the immediate region with US HWY 277 connecting directly to I-10 and I-20 in Texas and I-35, I-40 and I-44 in Oklahoma. US HWY 183 will connect you to South Dakota via Austin, Texas and US HWY 283 connects Texas to Kansas.

These two major roadways have junctions with interstates I-10, I-20, I-35, I-40, I-70, I-80, and I-90. US HWY 82’s New Mexico to Georgia route has 11 interstate junctions across the southern United States. State HWY 114 can move your product efficiently from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area into West Texas and New Mexico with two major interstate junctions. In addition to our well-maintained highways, Seymour’s average daily traffic counts of 6,000 to 9,000 vehicles will help insure your trucks aren’t fighting for road space, allowing you to easily transport in all directions without the hassle of heavy traffic. Interior intersections are accommodating and FM 422 provides a recently widened road, making connections to US HWY 277, US HWY 82 and the Seymour Industrial Park.

Land Incentives

The Seymour Industrial Park is governed by the Seymour Community Development Corporation, a local non-profit, and has incentive packages available with options ranging from free land, low-interest rate loans, and comparable land leases for your new business. Other incentives can be entertained as well and are employee, capital investment, an longevity based. The Seymour Industrial Park is located along US Hwy 277 with frontage road options, within the corporate limits of the City of Seymour.

Labor Force

Seymour offers a large blue collar work force that is ready, willing, and able to work for you. A lower cost of living will allow your company to offer competitive wages without breaking the bank. 25% of our high school seniors enter the workforce immediately and we have a growing group of young professionals who are seriously looking to Seymour as a place to raise their family because of our safe community. Surrounding populations within a 35 mile radius are also available to provide an additional labor force if needed. Because Seymour is relatively crime free, clean, and offers extensive healthcare and educational options, our community is an attractive location for families to live and work.

Seymour has a wide variety of housing options ranging from cul-de-sac additions to available land for new builds. Most single family housing ranges from $45K to $75K, with much larger housing options from $100K to $500K. Seymour has many contractors, remodelers, and service companies that can help make your new house in Seymour a home.

The City of Seymour will also entertain the possible coordination of apartment contractors in conjunction with your new business. Seymour also has a healthy renters market that will help facilitate employee community transitions.

Health, Education, & Necessities

Seymour, Texas is a vibrant community with a state recognized hospital system and two school campuses. The Seymour Hospital provides care through their central facility providing services in Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Obstetrics, Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, Surgery and an Allergy Clinic in addition to the Seymour Rural Health Clinic, Seymour Fitness Center, Seymour Home Health Care, Seymour/Baylor Co. E.M.S., Randal Wellness Center, , and the Seymour Pharmacy. We also have the recent addition of a visiting Ophthalmologist. Other visiting doctors cover Urology, Cardiology, and Orthopedic Surgery.

The on-site medical professionals include Family Medicine, Women’s Health, OBGYN, Pediatrician, Emergency Medicine, and General Surgery. With all of these healthcare services available locally, your employees will be healthy and happy in Seymour.

Never leave town again to get what you need because Seymour offers a fantastic newly opened United Supermarket as well as one of the largest Dollar General Stores in the state! Fresh produce, a large selection of healthy food choices, interesting and new options, and prices that are affordable makes for healthy and happy families and employees.

Seymour also has their own butcher/meat services where you can purchase grass fed beef or select a wide selection of other options with Baycos Meat Processing. Local shopping is available through boutiques, antique shops and a fine jewelry store. Seymour also has a wide array of service related businesses ranging from dry cleaning to automotive repair, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC services with local contractors available for remodeling.

The Seymour Independent School District offers PreK through 12th grade education with appropriately sized classrooms and up-to-date technology. Recently, the district has turfed the football field and built a new Auditorium. The music program in Seymour has experienced an explosion of talented students as we see more of our young graduates receive college music scholarships than ever before. Vocational CNA Classes offer students a boost into the medical field of their choice and all of our young students have secondary educational options available to help advance their college careers. Seymour ISD has chosen to participate as a District of Innovation and will offer more vocational classes in the near future.

Quality of Life

Enjoy the outdoors in our 26 acre City Park that includes an 18-hole disc golf course, walking track, abundant playground equipment, dog stations, an olympic-sized City Pool, and is home to Seymour Creek and rentable activity locations. The Seymour Sound Garden offers a new kind of experience through the availability of outdoor musical equipment including lateral xylophones, a set of 8 ft. high chimes, one vertical xylophone, and hand drums. Located just across the street from the Sound Garden is the nationally recognized Whiteside Museum of Natural History, showcasing local dinosaur discoveries that occur on a daily basis in our famous Texas Redbeds. Patrons of the Whiteside Museum and community members alike enjoy this interesting downtown location. The Salt Fork River Estates Golf Complex offers a 9-hole professionally designed course that is maintained by the City of Seymour. Also, located on the premises is a meeting hall, an outdoor venue area, kitchen, tennis courts, and ample parking.

The City Hall Cinema and the Whiteside Center of the Performing Arts are housed on the second floor in our beautifully restored 1924 auditorium located inside Seymour City Hall. Here, the community comes together to watch free movies on the second and fourth weekend of every month. Stage performances that include theater, musical events, magic and local talent shows are also available. Located across the street from the Whiteside Museum of Natural History, the cinema also provides educational movies in conjunction with school tours.

Seymour Texas is located in Baylor County and has 2 lakes within a short twenty minute drive. Lake Kemp has a surface area of 15,000+ acres located on the largest ranch under one fence line, the Waggnor Ranch. There are 3 access points and cabins are available for purchase with a land leases. Millers Creek Reservoir has a surface area of 2000+ acres and is open to the public year round with primitive camping, a boat ramp, and ample parking. Hunting is also a large recreational activity within the 900 square mile county. Game includes doves, ducks, geese, white-tailed deer, javelina, wild hogs, and various other animals.

“Seymour” in Your Future

We are excited to become the location for your next business enterprise! Our logistical opportunities will make warehousing and transportation swift and easy. Seymour’s land incentives are second to none in comparison with the prime prices offered locally through private land owners. Our labor force is ready to begin working for you and our housing market is open for Seymour to become the community your employees call home. The Seymour Hospital healthcare facilities and Seymour Independent School District are ready to take care of your employees and their families through health and education. Our quality of life is brimming with parks, outdoor recreational opportunities, and community endeavors. Seymour, Texas eagerly awaits your business opportunities. “See More” in your future with us in Seymour Texas.
for further information please contact:

Lauren Bush
Economic Development Director
City of Seymour Texas
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